Bead embroidery kits

Bead embroidery kit "Cherries"
Bead embroidery kit "Cherries" Product Code: P1-022
Bead embroidery kit "Florist"
Bead embroidery kit "Florist" Product Code: P2-008
Bead embroidery kit "Ladybug"
Bead embroidery kit "Ladybug" Product Code: P1-016
Bead embroidery kit "Night roses"
Bead embroidery kit "Night roses" Product Code: NB6-43
Bead embroidery kit "Orchid"
Bead embroidery kit "Orchid" Product Code: NB6-11
Bead embroidery kit "Rendezvous"
Bead embroidery kit "Rendezvous" Product Code: P2-003
Bead embroidery kit "Romantic Saxophone"
Bead embroidery kit "Romantic Saxophone" Product Code: NB2-08
Bead embroidery kit "Romantic"
Bead embroidery kit "Romantic" Product Code: NB2-02
Bead embroidery kit "Tango"
Bead embroidery kit "Tango" Product Code: P2-004
Bead embroidery kits
Bead embroidery kits

Bead embroidery kits

The art of beadwork is one of craftswomen’s all-time favorites. As far back as several centuries ago, skillful seamstresses would adorn their purses with beads for a walk in the public. Some examples of their work can now be seen in museums and we get impressed how subtle their works are and how exquisite their taste was.

If you want to add bright colors to your house or make accessory with your own hands that’s one of a kind, you are welcome to choose the products in our online store. We provide a great variety of bead embroidery kits for you. These include icons of beads, personalized images, landscapes, flowers, handbags, clutches and children's themes.

Our handmade products will make your image unforgettable. Order your clutch or bracelet in our store and rest assured that the original things befit you. Decorate your nursery with a bright picture, or team up with your child to embroider his or her first-ever masterpiece with beads together. Just buy a children's kit for handicraft in our store.

Until recently, a beaded bracelet could only be woven. And to weave with beads, one has to have special tools and experience doing such work. And now, thanks to our designs, a bracelet can simply be embroidered. Buy materials for any bracelet in our store and follow the instructions to get exclusive adornment that you have made with your own hands.

If you have decided to take up bead embroidery, the following articles will come in handy:

Every kit for bead embroidery includes:

  • fabric with printed pattern (sateen or gabardine)
  • bead needle
  • PRECIOSA beads (Czech Republic)
  • manual

In our online store, you can order a kit either on sateen or on gabardine. We produce our own kits ourselves and therefore it will not be difficult for us to complete a kit for embroidery with the cloth that meets your demand. Sateen has a distinctive shine and so it matches with beads perfectly well. If you work on sateen, make sure that your needle is sharp enough and it leaves no extra strands on the cloth. This is very important, especially when working on icons, where a blunt needle can distort the faces of saints. Gabardine is matte fabric with an even weave. Shiny beads on gabardine add volume, whereas matte background underscores the depth of your works. Fabric for beadwork should be applied on fusible web in order to prevent fabric contraction, shrinking and deformation while doing embroidery.

A needle for bead embroidery must be very thin with a sharp tip. One of its peculiar features is that the needle does not get any thicker near its eye. This needle’s shape is made particularly for the smooth go through the bead’s hole. Working with beads means using special threads, which are 100% polyester. They are thin, durable and unlikely to tear while rubbing against beads. If you use natural threads, chances are they will fray and the beaded sheet will disintegrate. You should apply beads with petit point stitches in one direction. Keep in mind that the same color of the same thread, when embroidered in different directions, will have a different shade or hue.

All of our kits are completed with the Czech PRECIOSA beads. These calibrated beads are color stable and meet the highest standards as well as the demands of seamstresses who do beadwork. They do not fade in the sun and some beads of particular colors are washing machine friendly and their color sustains well. Therefore, if you are choosing beads to embroider on shirts or towels, check them for color fastness. To do this, you should put some beads in a white cloth, sprinkle some water onto this cloth, and then try and iron the cloth. If the beads don’t fade or lose their color, it is safe to use them to embroider an item, which you will have to wash and iron from time to time. The entire range of patterns for bead embroidery available in Povitrulya online store is developed for beads PRECIOSA №10.

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