About Us

Welcome to the online store of the Povitrulya company! We will introduce you to the magical world of needlework. People have always wanted to beautify their lives. Therefore handicraft in general and embroidery in particular fill an honorable niche in this regard.

Ukraine has always been famous for its needle artists. There were embroidered pillows and towels in every home. And of course clothes - embroidered shirts, or vyshyvankas - for which Ukraine is known worldwide. Vyshyvanka is not just a piece of clothes. Through designs on shirts, girls and women have traditionally conveyed guarding charms for themselves and signs for others. For instance, judging by clothes one could tell whether a woman was married or not.

Created with great skill and love, some of those things we inherited from our grandmothers are still a great inspiration for art.

The modern needlework has become more decorative. We decorate our homes with stitch embroidered paintings and cross-stitch embroidered sofa cushions. We wear embroidered shirts and dresses. And for wedding festivities, for Easter, or for the Feast of the Transfiguration our needlewomen embroider towels with beads and cross-stitches. Not only do these products look beautiful and sumptuous, but they also carry a positive charge of energy, which is so important on those holidays.

Bead embroidery has been the new big trend in needlework in recent years. The variety of colors, sizes and bead shapes allows this type of needlework to develop as rapidly as cross-stitch. The most common beads we use are made in Czech Republic, size №10. They are of high quality, all the same size, with large and continuously expanding variety of colors.

Apart from the traditional beaded paintings, manufacturers offer a wide range of other products: one can buy or embroider clutches, bracelets and icons. And of course clothes.

It’s this diversity of embroidery options that inspired us to create Povitrulya, a company that makes needlework products.