Beaded purse kits for embroidery

Beaded purse kit "Dragonflies"
Beaded purse kit "Dragonflies" Product Code: FB8-07
Beaded purse kit "Gold Butterfly"
Beaded purse kit "Gold Butterfly" Product Code: FB8-04
Beaded purse kit "Monochrome"
Beaded purse kit "Monochrome" Product Code: FB8-06
Beaded purse kit "Pink Butterfly"
Beaded purse kit "Pink Butterfly" Product Code: FB8-05
Beaded purse kits for embroidery
Beaded purse kits for embroidery

Clutches for bead embroidery

Beadwork is winning more and more hearts of needle artists. Beads are used not only to embroider paintings, but also shirts, towels, bracelets, clutches, and purses. Vivid images created with beads leave a lasting impression.

Any girl wants to look stylish and elegant. A clutch from Povitrulya will help create a complete image for the most exquisite women of fashion. Vintage beaded clutches can be found in museums and seen in old photographs, with their craftsmanship and finesse striking the eye. And nowadays a small clutch is indispensable for going to the theater, to a party, or out to eat. Such a clutch can be a great gift that we will send anywhere in Ukraine by Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, or by InTime to Kyiv, Odesa, Kryvyi Rih, Poltava, Zaporizhia, or Dnipro.

Each of our sets includes:

  • fabric with a printed beadwork pattern, which is designed for Czech beads “Preciosa №10”;
  • lining;
  • frame with a clasp;
  • lining pattern;
  • detailed manual on how to sew a clutch from Povitrulya.

All you have to do is choose the beads, do the embroidery, and sew the clutch together. If the main background of the bag is black, you should refrain from using transparent and semitransparent beads. It will appear darker than it really is, and transitions from one color to another will merge. For the darkest places you can use matte beads, they will add depth and volume. Be sure to check whether the beads you chose can lose color when washed. To do this, take a few beads, wet them, put them between two pieces of white cloth, and rub. If the fabric remains clean, then you can safely use the beads for your work on the clutch. This rule also holds true for embroidering shirts, towels and wristbands. And remember the main rule of beadwork: every bead must be sewn in the same direction. Pay special attention to the thread you embroider with. The thread must be strong enough to hold the beads without withering. Polyester threads are a perfect match for beadwork. Carefully secure the thread at the beginning and the end of the work. This will guarantee that the thread will not snap and the beads will not scatter.

The set includes a metal frame with a clasp. The lining pattern is specially designed to fit the frame which is part of the set. A masterclass on making clutches can be found in our article "How to sew a clutch from Povitrulya."

Feel free to have a look at ready-made clutches at needlework exhibitions in which Povitrulya participates. By visiting such events you can also get expert advice on making clutches and other useful tips.

Clutches for bead embroidery are a new important direction for TM Povitrulya, which we plan to develop and keep adding new models as well as designs of the clutches. Flower bouquets and delicate butterflies, stylized animals, cities and abstract art – this is just a preliminary list of the new designs of our clutches. Our designers work hard to help any needleworker find everything they need in our online store.

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