Beading on canvas

Beading on canvas

Beading is not limited to satin and gabardine embroidery, it readily applies to canvas without an imprint. Meanwhile, each cell of the pattern corresponds to a cell on canvas and a single bead. The pattern arrangement and the stitching sequence precisely repeat that for a cross-stitching.

Beadwork on canvas

To avoid unwanted exposure through the white fabric of your canvas, stitch with a thread of a colour matching that of the beads. This measure is of extra importance, if you stitch with transparent beads. A pale thread would thus make your embroidery brighter, and a dark one may even change the colouration. Please note the thread shall be robust, polyester is the best option. Such a choice ensures a threaded bead does not tear off so that you will enjoy your masterpiece for good.

For beading on canvas you may use either beading or any other thin needle which easily fits through the hole of a bead. Stitching on the satin or gabardine would require a needle with sharp tip, whereas the canvas has eyelets for needling. Therefore, you may use a blunt end needle.

Pay special attention to picking appropriate beads. Check whether the fabric does not bleed on the beads.

Sew the beads on with the half cross stitch. This produces a slant stitch on the front side, and a vertical or a horizontal stitch on the wrong side. Please take care to ensure all your stitches follow same direction. Where the stitches follow multiple directions, even the beads of the same colour vary in their hues. That may distort the pattern, in particular in the case of a sketch.

Beading on canvas

To fasten off the first and the last bead, use the double stitch. This makes the embroidery margins smoother and neater.Wash your completed embroidery in warm water. Do not use bleacher under any circumstances; this may affect even the most durable paint on the beads. Iron wrong side only on soft surface over thin cotton fabric. 

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