What? French Knot? – Take it easy ;-)

French knot is a little yet critical item indispensable for certain embroideries. Such a knot is extremely necessary, if the cross looks too big while a pearlet sounds rough. It is easy to perform, a bit of training will make it.

A pattern designates the knot with a ring; our patterns usually provide for a single-thread knot, unless otherwise indicated explicitly.

The Mess of Spring by Povitrulia illustrates the respective knotting. The French Knot enhances the middle of flowers.

To make a knot, fasten the thread to needle it through the spot as indicated on the pattern. It is time for real fun now! Press the needle to the spot that the thread has needled through, wrap the thread around the needle 2 to 3 times, so you have your knotty job well-done!

What is french knot

Now, holding the knot with your finger, press it down to the fabric and insert the needle into the spot that the thread has needled through (or skip one thread, if the fabric is loose); keep holding the knot with your finger to prevent its drifting inside out.

How to make a french knot

Well-done! French Knot is ready!

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