Your Unique Bicolour Fringe

Your Unique Bicolour Fringe

This fringe applies to finish small pieces of embroidery such as rushnik towel, napkins. To sew the fringe on, pull 2 or 3 threads at each side of the fabric, and take a band of coloured fabric (matching the colour of your embroidery), fold it in half and sew it on the lower row of the pulled threads (Picture 1).

Unique Bicolour Fringe

Hemstitch walewise fringing the lower edge of the hemstitch while sewing the coloured fabric on. At the hemstich and over the coloured fabric sew with a light, matching the background, thread a masking seam applying cross-stitching or herringbone stitching techniques (Picture 2).

Pull a couple of threads again, now out of all the three layers of fabric. Hemstitch in a single row including all the three fabric layers. Cut the basic fabric up to the coloured band and pull the threads to the hemstitch. That creates a dense, double-colour three-layers hemstitch fringe (Picture 3).

Prior to performing the job, make sure the fabric used as a fringe does not discolour after washing.

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