Handmade Bracelets Workshop by Povitrulya

Handmade Bracelets Workshop by Povitrulya

You will need:

  • Workblank for bracelets stitching by Povitrulya
  • Beads for stitching in line with the instruction on the bracelet
  • Needle and thread for beading
  • Needle and thread for beading
  • Snap for the bracelet
  • Adhesive tape for seam gluing (available at any sewing shop)

Ok, what shall I do to wear the wonderful beaded folk style Povitrulya bracelet?

Step 1. Bead your bracelet. Sew the beads on with half cross stitch. The stitches shall follow same direction so that your handiwork will look smooth and neat. Its wrong side shall only have vertical and horizontal stitches.

Handmade bead bracelet. Picture 1

Step 2. Trim the corners in order to simplify seaming.

Handmade bead bracelet. Picture 2

Step 3. Apply adhesive tape over the inlay lines along short sides, iron to smooth.

Handmade bead bracelet. Picture 3

Handmade bead bracelet. Picture 4

Now, apply adhesive tape following the inlay lines on the long sides, smooth down.

Handmade bead bracelet. Picture 5

Handmade bead bracelet. Picture 6

Step 4. The next step is to sew the snap on. For that purpose, mark with a pencil where you are going to place the snap, first from one part of it, and then from the other. Observe symmetry of the marks placed. Separate the snap parts and sew them, each on its respective side. There is no need to сut the thread short afterwards, it is good to keep sewing the bracelet with the same thread.

Handmade bead bracelet. Picture 7

Step 5. Smooth down the long bending of the bracelet (at the borderline between the beaded side and the wrong side of the bracelet). Continue with applying the adhesive tape along the bending, smooth down over the tape. That enhances the bracelet shape and rigidity over the seamless side securing the two sides of the bracelet joined together.

Step 6. Sew the bracelet together along its margins with close stitches of a concealed seam. When sewing the short sides together, secure the bracelet snap once again.

Handmade bead bracelet. Picture 8

Your bracelet is a wonderful and unique hand-made ornamentation. They cannot take their eyes off!

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