Buttonhole stitch in detail

Buttonhole stitch in detail

Buttonhole stitch is a marginal stitch variety. It applies to processing margins both for embroidery and knitted fabric. We will start with explaining basic types of the buttonhole stitch.

Prior to performing the buttonhole stitch, carefully turn up and tack the edge of your product with running stitch technique. Fasten off the working thread within the hem, pull it out on the front side under the hem. Now, set the needle upwards and draw it from left to right under the working thread. The first loop is ready! Complete your next stitches in the same way. Observe the same distance between the stitches. (Picture 1)

Buttonhole Stitch. Picture 1

You may diversify the buttonhole stitch just by changing the direction and length of your stitch. (Picture 2, 2-1)

Buttonhole Stitch. Picture 2, 2-1

Take a thread of contrast red colouration and weave it through the upper part of the stitch to get another exciting outcome. (Picture 3, 3-1)

Buttonhole Stitch. Picture 3, 3-1

Attach beads to the needle to get a fine row of pearls fastened within the buttonhole stitch (Picture 4, 4-1). Please note, if the distance between stitches changes, the number of pearls also changes.

Buttonhole Stitch. Picture 4, 4-1

The buttonhole stitch also applies to interconnect two pieces. For that purpose, edge with buttonhole stitch the fabrics to be connected (Picture 5). In order to sew the two cuts together, connect them so as to keep their reverse side within and warp the thread around the upper part of the stitch. String a pearlet for each interconnection. (Picture 5-1, 5-2)

Buttonhole Stitch. Picture 5, 5-1, 5-2

Some other buttonhole stitch options are available below. This illustrates how one and same embroidery technique applied yields a variety of outcomes. (Picture 6)

Buttonhole Stitch. Picture 6

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