Lyudmyla Yermilova: who is she

Lyudmyla Yermilova: who is she

Dear friends! 

We’d like you to get to know us better, so allow us to tell you about every member of our team in detail.

We’ll start with Lyudmyla Yermilova, our Head Designer. Here we go:

Lyuda was born to a family of a construction designer and photographer in Novovorontsovka, Kherson Oblast. Later on, her family moved to Nizhyn. That’s where our Lyuda studied arts and crafts at the Nizhyn Institute of Culture. Her favorite subject is composition and painting. In her student years, she also attended classes for embroidery, Ukrainian traditional arts, weaving, and graphite painting. She designed and embroidered the emblems and gonfalons for the local pedagogical university. Her graduate project was a handwoven panel.

In the 2000s, Lyuda moved to Kyiv and mastered the Petrykivka decorative painting technique. She cooperated with the RTO company in the domain of designing embroidery kits. Then, she moved on with her career and worked as the Chief Editor at “Embroidery and knitting” and “Embroidery. Patterns” magazines.

Lyuda has been the founder and designer at Povitrulya since 2010.

Besides cross stitch, she has been trying her hand at the Chinese Sumi-e ink painting technique. In addition to that, Lyudmyla is a volunteer. She has helped conduct master classes for kids in the Okhmatdyt pediatric hospital, made camouflage scrim nets, and ornamented bullet shells for auctions that raised funds for the military.

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