Your Guardian Angel and Your Intercession Icon by Your Birth Date

Your Guardian Angel and Your Intercession Icon

Those who were born within December 22 to January 20 shall rely on the protection conferred by the Sovereign ('Derzhavna') Holy Mother Icon, and Holy Silvester and Blessed Seraphim Sarovskiy shall be their Guardian Angels.

For the people of birth dates within January 21 to February 20, Holy Athanasius and Cyril confer their guardiance, and the protection by Volodymyr and the Unburnt Bush Holy Mother Icons extends to them.

The Iversk Holy Mother Icon is the intercession icon for those who were born within February 21 to March 20. Saint Alexis and Saint Meletius of Antioch shall be their Guardian Angels.

Those who were born within March 21 to April 20 shall seek the protection to be conferred by the Kazan Holy Mother as they shall rely on the guardiance granted by Saint Sophronius and Innocent of Irkutsks, as well as of Blessed George the Confessor.

The Bailswoman of Sinners and the Iversk Holy Mother Icons protect the ones born within April 21 up to May 20. Stephan and Tamara the Saints, John the Apostle (Ivan Bogoslov) are their Guardian Angels.

If your birth day falls within the period of May 21 to June 21, seek the protection to be conferred by the Seeking Out the Lost, the Unburnt Bush and the Volodymyr Holy Mother Icons. Your Guardians are Oleksiy of Moscow and Constantine.

The Joy of All Who Sorrow and the Kazan Holy Mother Icons confer their protection to the ones born within June 22 to July 22. They also have Cyril for their Guardian Angel.

Nicolas the Wonderworker and Ilia the Prophet safeguard the ones born within July 23 to August 23, and the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Icon extends to them.

Those born within August 24 to September 23 shall seek protection to be conferred by the Unburnt Bush and the Passion icons. Olexander, John (Ivan) and Pavlo are their Guardian Angels.

The Pochayiv Holy Mother,the Unburnt Bush and the Exhalation of the Holy Cross icons grant their protection to the seekers born within September 24 to October 23. Holy Serhiy Radonezkiy safeguards them.

Holy Pavlo is a Guardian Angel for anyone born within October 24 to November 22. The Quick to Hearken and the Jerusalem Holy Mother Icons protect them.

The ones born within November 23 to December 21 shall seek the intercession to be granted by the Tikhvin and the Our Lady of the Sign ('Znа́meniye') Holy Mother Icons. Saint Nicolas the Wonderworker and Saint Barbara are their Guardian Angels.

It is good to have in every household the Iversk Icon of Blessed Virgin Mary that protects the house from any enemies and ill-wishers.

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