How Do I Care About My Embroidery?

How Do I Care About My Embroidery?

Here comes a last stitch for your picture! Finally :)) Time for some polishing and fine-tuning to hang it on the wall or present your piece of art to your significant other.

How to Care for Embroidery

You and your neighbours will enjoy the embroidery, if you stick to the following simple rules.

First and foremost, your embroidery requires a proper wash. If you have set a pattern on the canvas with a waterborne marker, presoak it in a cold water until after the pattern disappears. Dissolve a neutral PH cleanser in warm water, froth up. Dip your embroidery in that water approximately half of an hour; if the embroidery is too dirty, allow extra dipping. You may change water a couple of times. Do not rub your embroidery!!!

Give a thorough rinse to your piece of art, put it horizontally on a towel to dry. Straighten and smooth down your handiwork so as to make it square-cut and avoid bowing. 

When the fabric is nearly dry, it needs proper ironing. If it is already dry, sprinkle some water on it. Iron the reverse side keeping the handiwork on a towel or any soft surface. Set ironing mode to Cotton. Iron carefully moving the smoothing iron from the middle towards margins. Take care that the embroidery is not bowing. Catch a break to let the moisture fully evaporate.

That's it! Your masterpiece is dry and clean, yet presentation needs final preparation. When carrying your embroidery to a picture framing studio, it is good to keep it rolled and wrapped in clean sheets of paper.

Enjoy the workflow and feast your eyes with its outcome!

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