Cross stitch kit "Celtic Cross"
Cross stitch kit "Celtic Cross"
Cross stitch kit "Celtic Cross"

Cross stitch kit "Celtic Cross"

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☘ Celtic Cross, or The Irish High Cross, is a form of Christian cross featuring a nimbus or ring that emerged in Ireland and Britain in the Early Middle Ages. It is believed that St. Patrick introduced the Celtic Cross in Ireland, during his conversion of the kings from paganism to Christianity.☘

The even-armed cross within a circle has been ascribed many meanings by many groups and cultures. One such meaning is that of the stages of the day: morning, noon, evening, midnight. Another possibility includes the meeting places of the divine energy, of self, nature, wisdom and divinity. The sun wheel has also been called Odin’s Cross, a symbol in Norse Mythology.
Usually Celtic cross ends up with Triquetra, also known as a "Trinity Knot", - a religious symbol adapted from ancient Pagan Celtic images by Christianity. It is similar to the valknut, a Norse symbol.

✌️ Counted cross stitch kit 'Celtic cross' would be a perfect St. Patrick's Day gift or nice Irish/Celtic/Norse/Pagan symbolic present.

☝️ The embroidery develops fine motor skills, has a positive effect on nervous system and will delight you with its beauty!
☝️ Partly stitched: this cross-stitch kit does not require you to work the entire background. That is, the embroidery is less time-consuming while the resulted piece is just wonderful.

✂️ Cross Stitch Kit includes:
- Size: 5.12" х 6.1" (13 х 15.5 cm);
- Colors: 4 pieces;
- General characteristics: a full cross in two strands, a back stitch;
- Canvas color: white.

✂️ Embroidery kit details:
- color pattern;
- 14 count Aida cloth (100% cotton);
- Mouline thread (100% cotton);
- metal needle.

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