"Mermaid Cat" - Hand embroidery kit for beginners
"Mermaid Cat" - Hand embroidery kit for beginners
"Mermaid Cat" - Hand embroidery kit for beginners

"Mermaid Cat" - Hand embroidery kit for beginners

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Hand embroidery kit for beginners "Mermaid Cat" will be a funny embroidery starter project. Suitable for kids and adults. Detailed stitch guide and step-by-step instructions included.

☝️ Embroidery develops fine motor skills. It improves coordination of finger moves, trains smaller muscles and stimulates numerous sensory nerve endings on the palms. Also, embroidery engages several body systems at the same time, including the nervous, muscular, skeletal, and ocular systems! It’s the well-coordinated functioning of these systems that are referred to as fine motor skills.

✌️ You can easily make an interesting and useful gift. All it takes is a little bit of creative inspiration and the user-friendly embroidery kit. A handmade gift like that will definitely impress your friend.

❗ Our DIY embroidery kits include just enough thread colors to ensure a bright and quality design. Every stitch is exactly where it belongs.


  • 6" bamboo embroidery hoop;
  • color papper pattern with guide;
  • white color fabric with stamped pattern;
  • beginners instructions and stitch guide;
  • Mouline thread (100% cotton);
  • metal needle;


  • Size of embroidery: 6 inch diameter (16 х 16 cm);
  • Colors: 4.

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Cross stitch kit - Characteristics
Colors of threads5
Embroidery typeChain Stitching
Size16 x 16 см.
Additional characteristicsChain Stitching
Origin countryUkraine
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