Cross stitch kits

Cross stitch kit "Bellflowers"
Cross stitch kit "Bellflowers" Product Code: P6-003
Cross stitch kit "Blooming garden"
Cross stitch kit "Blooming garden" Product Code: P5-011
Cross stitch kit "Blue irises"
Cross stitch kit "Blue irises" Product Code: P6-011
Cross stitch kit "Floret"
Cross stitch kit "Floret" Product Code: P1-036
Cross stitch kit "Foggy day"
Cross stitch kit "Foggy day" Product Code: P5-009
Cross stitch kit "Fujiyama"
Cross stitch kit "Fujiyama" Product Code: P5-002
Cross stitch kit "Mount Fuji"
Cross stitch kit "Mount Fuji" Product Code: P5-001
Cross stitch kit "Native field"
Cross stitch kit "Native field" Product Code: P5-004
Cross stitch kit "Old city"
Cross stitch kit "Old city" Product Code: P5-012
Cross stitch kit "Poppies"
Cross stitch kit "Poppies" Product Code: P6-005
Cross stitch kit "Red rose"
Cross stitch kit "Red rose" Product Code: P6-008
Cross stitch kit "Siesta"
Cross stitch kit "Siesta" Product Code: P5-010
Cross stitch kits
Cross stitch kits

Cross Stitch Kits

Certain kinds of handicraft were more popular than others during different historical periods. Crewel embroidery and Richelieu cutwork embroidery have had their ups and downs, but it is cross stitching that has consistently remained popular over time.

Cross stitch patterns are universal and can be embroidered on pillows or cushions, shirts and towels. You can also use them to create pictures, panel pictures, handbags, toys and even accessories.

We all aspire to living in a beautiful world! We want our things and clothes to please the eye and our home to be a snug place. Besides, it should also be one of a kind and have some handmade products in it. Is it difficult to do? It’s both easy and interesting. Just select any cross stitch kits up to your liking and mood in the Povitrulya online store. Having ascertained that the price for your product of choice satisfies you, go ahead and buy it. Get your order no matter where you are in Ukraine, whether it’s Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhya or Lviv. We deliver through Ukrposhta, Nova Poshta, and Intime. Rest assured you will receive it on time.

We develop all patterns for our kits available in our online store Povitrulya on our own. The process of preparing an embroidery pattern is quite complex but at the same time, it is extremely interesting. Our designers tailor such schemes painstakingly to eliminate single or standalone stitches. They pick appropriate threads and then create the first stitched picture.

Each cross stitch kit includes:

  • Pattern;
  • Mouline thread;
  • Needle;
  • Aida canvas;
  • Embroidery instructions.

And this is what we would like to tell you about in detail.

Inside the kit, you will find a pattern that is easy to deal with. For the convenience of embroiderers, we provide printed embroidery patterns in color. This way, it will be easy for you to mark what progress you have made.

Each kit comes with mouline thread manufactured either by the Kirov textile factory (St. Petersburg, Russia), or Peri (Turkey) made of Egyptian long-staple cotton. Information on threads that come with our kits can be found in the kit description on Povitrulya online store and also on the back side of the label. All threads are originally tied to the organizer so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Depending on the kind of canvas that comes with the kit – thin or thick – the needle also comes with its corresponding size. For thin canvas we use fine needles, for thick one — thicker needles. But one way or another, the needle has a blunt pointed tip so that it does not split the material of the fabric. It should also allow a smooth go of the thread inside the needle eye so that the thread can be pulled in several takes. If a kits is supplied with elements of bead embroidery, then an appropriate bead needle comes with it too.

Canvas is the main component of a cross stitch kit. Povitrulya completes its kits with Aida canvas 14 white, Aida canvas 14 black, and Aida canvas 16 white. The dense finished fabric tissue is the perfect match for cross stitching as it does not shrink while being embroiderd on. It also keeps its shape even after washing and ironing.

You get embroidery instructions in each kit. If you want to learn more about decorative stitching, beadwork and embroidery care, this information is available in our articles:

The Povitrulya online store contains a vast variety of cross stitch kits. We are happy to offer kits designed for children, as well as kits with images of people, animals, religious motifs, landscapes, flowers, and still life.

Children’s patterns are designed for the youngest ones or for those who like to complete a piece of embroidery in just one evening. Due to their catchy themes, our kits can be your child`s first embroidery, or they can become greeting cards or Christmas tree toys.

Romantic silhouettes and themes with children and grown-ups are available in the “People” section.

Cute animals will bring your pet to mind. Choose a kit featuring a true pet friend or a mischievous playful cat.

Seascapes, seasons, oriental scenes - these are just a few examples of landscape kits for cross stitching available in the Povitrulya online store.

Flower designs are for those who are just starting to take up cross stitching. They are represented in a series of flowers to anyone’s taste, including poppies, lilies, lilacs, nasturtiums, etc. For experienced embroiderers we have gorgeous bouquet kits with the entire embroidery space filled in. And still life pictures featuring fruits can’t wait to decorate your kitchen walls.

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